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  • "Great service, very fast, but most of all HONEST! A rarity in today;s society. I have had them fix tow computers, and when one was totally not worh the money to repair, i bought a reconditioned one that has been great"
  • "Very helpful and knowledgable staff. I have done business several times with these guys and they always take care of the customer A+++++++"
  • "Great service, fast turn around time. Nice people!: "The way computer shopping and repair should be!"
  • "Excellent service and support! We had some computer service done right before the holidays, Jeff was busy but took the extra time to get us back up and running propmptly before the holidays! Thanks again! Will be doing more business soon!"
  • "Very knowledgable Staff: Bought a computer from them about 6 months ago and have a very good experience overall. They are good with their pricing and with knowing what both high end and normal customers are looking for. Brian is an excellent troubleshooter and has working in the computing industry for quiet a while"